About the product

The common cold is caused by a virus. Viiral increases the amount of Sinalin™ in the nasal mucous membrane.

Sinalin™ is a neuraminic acid that occurs naturally in breastmilk and can prevent infection with cold viruses by preventing the virus from entering through the mucous membrane. Viiral also moistens the mucous membrane, thereby helping to reduce respiratory symptoms.

From home remedy to modern science

Breast milk is high in neuraminic acid and is known as one of nature’s most important building blocks in an effective immune system in children. Squirting some breast milk in the child’s nose is a tried and tested home remedy for a clogged nose.

Viiral can alleviate upper respiratory tract symptoms

Are you suffering from dry mucous membranes, frequent sneezing, or a runny or sore nose? Viiral cleans the nose, adds moisture and protects the mucous membranes from virus penetration.

Preventive effect

Tested by cabin crew, who have a high risk of being infected with cold viruses. The results were very positive. Viiral was developed by a leading research group and is used to prevent colds.

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